2010 Camaro SS + Magnacharger + Borla Exhaust + LS9 Camshaft = 508 RWHP

I think that everyone knew that the soon-to-be-installed camshaft that I mentioned in my previous post was going to be an LS9 camshaft from a Corvette ZR1.  After all, it has been mentioned on my Project & Mods page for quite a long time.

508 RWHP

2010 Camaro SS + Magnacharger + Borla Exhaust + LS9 Camshaft = 508 RWHP

So after my 2010 Camaro SS spending a few days at Vector Motorsports, the verdict was in. 508 rear wheel horsepower and 475 torque at 6300 rpm. Now in case you aren’t aware, Vector uses a Mustang Dyno and this style of dyno is typically lower than a Dynojet and much lower than engine horsepower, which is what manufacturers advertise their showroom vehicles at.

Let’s put it into perspective. The car’s baseline dyno was 319 RWHP, which is right in the middle of what 2010 Camaros typically put down on Vector’s dyno.

Here’s another comparison, and one that I like to use a lot. A 2010 Corvette ZR1 (which my Camaro has the same camshaft as) is the fastest and most powerful Corvette ever made and puts down around 525 RWHP on the same dyno mine made 508 RWHP on. So I am nearly making 2010 Corvette ZR1 power at less than half the price. Not that I would ever dream of taking one on and winning…I know that will never happen. Might be fun to try, though…

Anyway, so why the LS9 camshaft?  Simple.

  • The L99 and the LS9 have the same displacement.
  • My Magnacharger and the supercharger on the ZR1 are similar in nature.
  • If the LS9 camshaft is good enough for the greatest Corvette ever made, it is good enough for me.
  • It surely would have great driveability and emissions.
  • The price was easy on the wallet.

It was an obvious choice.  The downsides?  A couple.

  • The LS9 camshaft is a bit difficult to get ahold of.
  • I had to remove the L99 AFM and VVT, basically turning the engine into an LS3.

The results were awesome.  The car drove better.  It is now a bit less torquey on the low end so regular driving is a bit more enjoyable.   To add to this, around 50 more horsepower that comes on in the mid and high end make it a lot more enjoyable during “spirited” driving.  The sound is better too.  It has a very slight but definitely noticeable rump to it at idle.  I don’t mind removing the AFM and VVT.  We talked about keeping the AFM, it was figured that it could be done using a cam phaser even with this camshaft, but in the end I decided to remove it all to keep things simple.

So let me get this straight…

I now have a Supercharged 2010 Camaro SS/RS with an LS9 cammed LS3 and an A6 transmission with tapshift.  Well, not really, but it is fun to think about and is definitely a unique combination.

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier. The power is awesome, the driveability is great, and Vector Motorsports did a killer job with the installation.  It just needs to warm up a bit and I will get more seat time in it and see how the Nitto NT05 tires hold up.  I am going to punish them severely and enjoy every minute of it.

7 Responses to “2010 Camaro SS + Magnacharger + Borla Exhaust + LS9 Camshaft = 508 RWHP”

  • Jake Robb says:

    What do you mean by “not really”? That’s exactly what you have!

  • James says:

    Sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing and hearing it soon. Are you going to be at Bakers in June? I want to get a closer look.

  • MAD600SS says:

    You speak of removing “AFM and DOD”; I thought they were the same thing on the 2010 Camaro?

    What is the difference?

  • Jason says:

    @JakeRobb: Sorta…close to it…but as I used to say about 4th gen Camaros: A hole in the hood does not an SS make. 🙂

    @James: You know I will be there!

    @MAD600SS: TYPO! I meant AFM and VVT! Fixed, thanks!

  • Mudbone says:

    To the best of my knowledge, Mad600SS is correct. It was called displacement-on-demand when it first came out, and GM changed the name to Active Fuel Management

    Here’s some reading…


  • Jason says:

    @Mudbone – yep, that was a typo on my part. 😀

  • Mudbone says:

    FWIW, I thought maybe I had missed some tech! I had to read up on it this morning.

This Camaro project is complete and the car is sold.
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