2010 Camaro SS Project – On The Way to SEMA, Far From Completed

What a blur…
The last few weeks seemed to pass like minutes. I have been so busy with my day job and then working on my SEMA project that I have had no time to make updates so I will do it all in this entry.  Consider this 2010 Camaro SEMA Project – Phase 3, 4, and 5.

In my last entry, I mentioned the Borla Long Tube headers were installed. That netted the car 356 RWHP with an intake. Keep in mind this is to the rear wheels on a Mustang Dyno that is set up conservatively with a conservative tune.

In a previous entry, I mentioned that my Magnacharger supercharger was in and waiting to go on the car. That went on next after the headers. Because we were short on time, we didn’t spend too much of it on the dyno. What I can say for the time being is that there is really something special about putting the pedal down at will and pretty much losing all hope for traction with factory tires on Michigan roads in October. One time I swung the tail end of the car around so far around that I could see it in front of me…by accident.

So next is wheels and tires…
I haven’t mentioned wheels very much to anyone yet because I wanted to have it be the last thing to go on the car since it makes so much of a difference. I worked with with David Schart at Forgeline wheels and I am very glad that I did. He took excellent care of me from start to finish, from choosing the right wheel for my goals to making sure they were built right. Also, Forgeline’s customer service reputation is out of this world.

As far as tires, well…this is where this entire project started. I am a fan and business acquaintance with Nitto Tire. They were the makers of the first Drag Radial I put on my first 1996 Camaro SS. When I stated dreaming up this 2010 Camaro project in my head, my friends at Nitto and I got in touch with each other and we determined that the NT05 was perfect for my needs and usage. That was the first thing planned and where it all started, well over a year and a half ago. So back to the present…

The last minute thrash…
Did I mention that I was limited on time? I got the Forgeline wheels on Monday. The Nitto tires showed up Tuesday. Reliable Carriers was scheduled to pick the car up on Wednesday or it would never make the SEMA show in time so I had to move fast. As soon as the tires came in and I got out of work, I ran over to the one person that I trust with my wheels and tires (Tracy Potter at the Discount Tire on Gratiot Ave. between 14 and 15 mile road in Clinton Twp., MI) to mount, balance, and install them.

I got the car back into the garage at around that night and walked around it for an hour, just looking at it. I couldn’t stop, I was very happy with how it turned out. Low, dark, fast, loud, mean, bitchin’. Hell yeah.

I got up early the next morning and detailed the car. Reliable Carriers was right on time and picked it up without incident and drove away. Right now, it is somewhere between Detroit and Las Vegas.

No time for pics, Dr. Jones…
I cut it so close on time that I really didn’t have much of a chance to take any decent pics and the Michigan weather sucked that day as usual, but I did manage to get some video with my pocket video camera (posted above). Tell me what you think in the comments in the YouTube video or the comments here on this blog entry.

Where it will be at SEMA…
The car was originally supposed to be in the Nitto Tire display, but I was recently informed it got moved to the Feature Vehicle Showcase in the Central Hall, somewhere by the Cherry Bomb display. Sweet! If you attend SEMA, be sure to check it out! Be warned, it might look a little bit different than what you see in the video.

And also if you will be at SEMA, be sure to drop by the CamaroZ28.Com meet and greet Wednesday night. Don’t miss it!

So what’s next?
One I get the car back, I we will do some more power tuning and tweaking, I will continue to report on new things I add to it, changes I make to it, and whatever else might be on my mind. Stay tuned and stay subscribed because this project is far from completed.

For now, I would like to thank…

  • My lovely wife and my brilliant son for listening to me talk about this project for so long and letting me bounce redundant ideas off them.  They don’t know that it is not done, I haven’t had the heart to tell them.
  • The companies (so far) that made the right products that I needed for this project:
    • Nitto Tire
    • Pedders Suspension
    • Magnacharger/Hotpart.Com/J&M Products
    • Forgeline Wheels
    • Borla Exhaust
    • Showstopper Accessories (more on this one later)
    • SmoothLock (shameless plug)
    • and of course, Chevrolet
  • The people that put their hand in this to make sure it was done right:
    • Chris Frezza
    • The entire CamaroZ28.Com community
    • Pete and Deb Basica
    • Chris at Sellers Pontiac
    • David Schardt
    • Kirk and crew at Vector Motorsports
    • Scott Settlemire
    • Tom Henry
    • Kris Horton
    • Adam Bruce
    • The Licht Family
    • Jeff at Empire Seven
    • Scott at Fabulous Graphix in Las Vegas

Like I said, this is not the end of this project, but I need to give credit where credit is due so far.  See everyone in Vegas!

3 Responses to “2010 Camaro SS Project – On The Way to SEMA, Far From Completed”

  • AZ2ENVY says:

    The Camaro is looking badass Jason ! Cant wait to see it in person 🙂 See you wednesday at the Luxor !

This Camaro project is complete and the car is sold.
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