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2010 Camaro SS + Magnacharger + Borla Exhaust + LS9 Camshaft = 508 RWHP

I think that everyone knew that the soon-to-be-installed camshaft that I mentioned in my previous post was going to be an LS9 camshaft from a Corvette ZR1.  After all, it has been mentioned on my Project & Mods page for quite a long time.

508 RWHP

2010 Camaro SS + Magnacharger + Borla Exhaust + LS9 Camshaft = 508 RWHP

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2010 Camaro SS Project – Camshaft Swap!

Remember when I said that my 2010 Camaro SS project is not even close to being done? Here is what is next… is a camshaft, but which one? is a camshaft, but which one?

Anyone care to take a guess as to what camshaft this is? I will give you a little hint…I am very surprised more Magnacharged 2010 Camaros aren’t using it, since it should to be a great camshaft for that particular application and has been proven to be a great performer on the track as well as the street.

Submit your best guess!

How to Install Sequential Turn Signals on a 2010 Camaro

I picked up a 2010 Camaro Sequential Turn Signal Kit from Afterthoughts Auto.  Once I started to read the installation instructions, I thought it would make a cool video.  Check it out!

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Should I “De-chickletize” My 2010 Camaro SS?

UPDATE! I did end up “de-chickletizing” my car! Details here!

Now that spring is just around the corner, I am preparing for more things to my 2010 Camaro SS, as I have promised in my previous entries.  So, let’s start with something simple…

First of all, if you don’t know what a GM “chicklet” is, see the following image:

Example of a GM Chicklet

Example of a GM Mark of Excellence "Chicklet"

GM started putting these on all of their vehicles starting with the 2006 models.   GM called it a “move to link General Motors and its vehicle brands more closely”.  However, a decision was made in August of 2009 to stop installing the badges on GM vehicles so they could  focus more on core brands  and less of a focus on the GM brand image itself.

The badge drew a lot of praise and criticism…it seemed that people either liked it or hated it.  Some touted it with pride and referred to what it is officially called, the GM “Mark of Excellence”.  Others had it removed from their cars before they drove them off the dealer lot.

Originally, I myself liked the badge for the most part.  I left it on my 2007 Trailblazer SS as I thought it added a bit of character.  However,  I thought about removing the chicklet from my Camaro ever since the day I got it.  As indicated by my SmoothLocks, small details can make a huge difference and anyone who knows me well also knows that I like to keep my Camaros clean and uncluttered in appearance.  In the case of my 2010 Camaro, the GM chicklet just seemed out of place for me personally.

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Reader E-mail About My 2010 Camaro SS Project

One of the cool parts about documenting a car build online is that you get some nice feedback and questions from people who read about it. Here are a few that I have received recently and my answers to them.

Do you have a question or comment about what I have done to my 2010 Camaro SS so far?  Feel free to drop me a line or just enter your question or comment at the bottom of any entry on this web site!

Okay, on to the reader e-mails…

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This Camaro project is complete and the car is sold.
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