A Few Small 2010 Camaro Appearance Upgrades

People always say, “the devil is in the details”. I truly believe that. I always like to make my car unique, and it doesn’t have to be major changes. Here are a few small appearance upgrades that I made recently to set my car apart from the rest…even more.

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Black Bowties
This one became a must.  I cannot tell you how many times people would compliment my car, but then would add “but the gold bowties gotta go”.  One of the first things I did this year was change the gold factory bowties out for a set of DefenderWorx billet bowties.   Here’s the front…
[singlepic id=133 w=600 float=center]

…and here’s the rear…
[singlepic id=130 w=600 float=center]

Supercharged Emblem
Since the installation of the Magnacharger, there was nothing indicating that I had one strapped to the top of my engine except for a faint whine and a lot of other cars in my dust.  Finding a subtle but effective way to mention that I am boosted was not easy.  I didn’t want to throw it in everyone’s faces, but I wanted to make it known when the hood wasn’t opened to those who got close enough to pay attention.  I turned to the GM parts bin and found a perfect solution.  Shortly after, a “Supercharged” emblem from a Chevrolet Cobalt SS was on the left of my rear deck lid.  It almost looks factory.
[singlepic id=127 w=600 float=center]

“De-chickletization “and Side Emblem Overlays
A few posts ago, I asked people if I should “De-chickletize” my 2010 Camaro in a poll.  Truthfully, I had already planned to do it, but I wanted to see what eveyrone else thought anyway.  According to the poll, people agreed with me around 2 to 1.   One heat gun, one roll of dental floss, and my Camaro was “de-chickletized”.  Based on everyone’s advice, I kept the emblems…just in case. I also added some flat black CAMARO side emblem overlays to match the rest of the details.
[singlepic id=136 w=600 float=center]

Custom Painted Center Console
The Inferno Orange Interior is pretty cool and I am glad that I got it, but it just didn’t seem to be complete. I fixed that by borrowing the idea of a cool customization made by my good friend Pete Basica on his Pedder’s Camaro.
[singlepic id=140 w=600 float=center]

I cannot complete this entry without mentioning one of the best small appearance upgrades for the money, my very own SmoothLock.  If there is anything that proves my point that the smallest details make the biggest difference, any Smoothlock owner can tell you this is 100% correct.  This was actually one of my very first mods I ever made and it should be yours as well. Get yours at the SmoothLock web site.
[singlepic id=143 w=600 float=center]

Want to see more?  Just head over to the Gallery!

12 Responses to “A Few Small 2010 Camaro Appearance Upgrades”

  • Brent says:

    Very nice, Jason! I’ve had one of those Cobalt “Supercharged” emblems sitting here at the house for a couple years. Was going to put it on my LT1 once I finished up the installation of your old 396… but that project has not been moving along too fast. LOL! Anyways, looks GREAT!!!

  • Ryan Smith says:

    Have you seen the Heritage Grille from GMPerformanceParts.com? It removes the bowtie altogether, looks pretty clean. The black bowtie looks just as good though.

  • Jason says:

    @Ryan: Yup…I was sort of kicking the idea around of getting one. It showed up on the 2010 Camaro Indy Pace Car here:
    It does look good…

  • Kris says:

    Hey Jason….Can you go in to a little more detail about how you removed the rear emblem? I have done a little research on it, but am extremely nervous on scratching the paint. I plan on getting the pair you have as well…very sharp!!

  • Jason says:

    It isn’t for the squeamish. You have to drill with a large drill bit into the factory bowtie, just until white plastic starts appearing in the shavings. Then get in there with a hook or skinny screwdriver and break the old bowtie out completely.

  • Kris says:

    Thanks. Ill suck it up and make it happen, thanks

  • Jason says:

    Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  • Kris says:

    Ok, just got the powdercoated all black bowtie emblems in the mail from Defenderworx. They look great, however I am a little confused about the front emblem. It came with an adhesive back. I thought it would be installed the same way as the factory bowtie, with the clips in the back. Did yours come this way also Jay? Thanks

  • Jason says:

    Right, you have to remove the old bowtie and chrome “housing” from the grill. Then poke a screwdriver through the hole in the back of the housing, removing the factory bowtie. Expect to trash it in the process, there was no saving mine anyway.

    Clean all of the old adhesive off the chrome housing (which takes some time and results in sore fingers but well worth the effort) and install the new black bowtie in the housing, then install the assembly back in the grill.

  • Kris says:

    Ok thanks. I did the deed today, and they look great. I also wanted to get your opinion on something else…I really like the look of the stock wheels and dont have the funds (right now) to get new set of feet, so Im looking to either paint or low temp powdercoat them black. Which would you reccomend?

  • Jason says:

    Depends. You can have them painted and it may be cheaper than powdercoating but the finish isn’t as durable.

    I would go powerdercoated only if you drive in areas where they will get dirty and hit with debris often. I was thinking of doing the same for my daily driver and my body shop guy told me that powercoating would only be useful if I went off-roading a lot.

    You should really post this on CamaroZ28.Com, tons of people will give you some good advice. Also check http://camarostyleguide.com!

This Camaro project is complete and the car is sold.
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